Health Articles Friend or Foe?

I’ve always been the kind of person to research something in depth before attempting anything. Many people call me obsess, but I don’t see it that way. For me, it’s all about getting the proper information to make the right decisions. They say if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

My weight problem and food addiction has always put me in difficult situations all my life. That’s why, when I decided to lose weight to change my life, I read all the weight loss and nutritional articles that I could before deciding on the right plan of approach. By reading health related articles until I felt like I was an expert, I was able to design the optimum diet and exercise program for my needs.

Reading health articles has to be one of the most pleasurable pastimes these days. We are living in a paradox culture if you think about it. On one hand, we have bigger problems with heart problems and obesity than ever before. On the other hand, we have those who are fixated with losing weight and dieting.

I guess it makes sense if you look at the problems from a different angle. In a culture where people have healthy eating habits and regular fitness regimes, reading up on such content is far less important. In a culture were junk food advertisements are plastered all over the place and obesity consumes it, articles on staying healthy and keeping fit are a godsend.

As I said before, I read a lot of health related articles, but not all of them impacted me. In fact some of the article writers didn’t have any clue what they were writing about. It seemed that some of them ware only writing articles to promote their website or fancy product. But I soon knew how to spot the real ones from the false. As I kept reading on, it was clear to me that the ones which really made an impact were those using a common sense approach.

My favorite articles were obviously about weight loss. Reading health articles has taught me that the biggest mistake that people make is to find a weight loss routine based on someone else’s idea of the perfect plan.

Exercise should be fun. It should be something that a person can enjoy and look forward to. This has advised me to come up with a program that involved activities that I truly enjoyed instead of activities that I thought would burn more calories faster.

I was able to incorporate aerobics, rollerblading, tennis and eating healthy, four activities that I absolutely love doing, into one fun filled lifestyle.

Reading health articles has also advised me the relationship between my eating habits and my lack of energy. This is really important for me because I also was dealing with food addictions and sluggishness. These days, I only incorporate foods into my diet that give me energy, fiber and vitamins to pursuit the fun and healthy lifestyle that I want.